GooFit  v2.1.3
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Color.h File Reference
#include <rang.hpp>

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constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::black = rang::fg::black
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::red = rang::fg::red
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::green = rang::fg::green
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::yellow = rang::fg::yellow
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::blue = rang::fg::blue
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::magenta = rang::fg::magenta
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::cyan = rang::fg::cyan
constexpr rang::fg const GooFit::gray = rang::fg::gray
constexpr rang::style const GooFit::reset = rang::style::reset
constexpr rang::style const GooFit::bold = rang::style::bold
constexpr rang::style const GooFit::dim = rang::style::dim
constexpr rang::style const GooFit::italic = rang::style::italic