GooFit  v2.1.3
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1 #pragma once
3 #include <rang.hpp>
5 namespace GooFit {
7 // Handy colors
8 constexpr rang::fg const black = rang::fg::black;
9 constexpr rang::fg const red = rang::fg::red;
10 constexpr rang::fg const green = rang::fg::green;
11 constexpr rang::fg const yellow = rang::fg::yellow;
12 constexpr rang::fg const blue = rang::fg::blue;
13 constexpr rang::fg const magenta = rang::fg::magenta;
14 constexpr rang::fg const cyan = rang::fg::cyan;
15 constexpr rang::fg const gray = rang::fg::gray;
16 constexpr rang::style const reset = rang::style::reset;
17 constexpr rang::style const bold = rang::style::bold;
18 constexpr rang::style const dim = rang::style::dim;
19 constexpr rang::style const italic = rang::style::italic;
20 } // namespace GooFit
constexpr rang::fg const yellow
Definition: Color.h:11
constexpr rang::fg const cyan
Definition: Color.h:14
constexpr rang::style const bold
Definition: Color.h:17
constexpr rang::fg const blue
Definition: Color.h:12
constexpr rang::fg const red
Definition: Color.h:9
constexpr rang::style const dim
Definition: Color.h:18
constexpr rang::style const reset
Definition: Color.h:16
constexpr rang::style const italic
Definition: Color.h:19
constexpr rang::fg const gray
Definition: Color.h:15
constexpr rang::fg const magenta
Definition: Color.h:13
constexpr rang::fg const green
Definition: Color.h:10
constexpr rang::fg const black
Definition: Color.h:8