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GooFit::ThreeGaussResolution Class Reference

#include <ThreeGaussResolution_Aux.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ThreeGaussResolution (Variable cf, Variable tf, Variable cb, Variable cs, Variable tb, Variable ts, Variable ob, Variable os)
 ~ThreeGaussResolution ()
fptype normalisation (fptype di1, fptype di2, fptype di3, fptype di4, fptype tau, fptype xmixing, fptype ymixing) const override
void createParameters (std::vector< unsigned int > &pindices, PdfBase *dis) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::MixingTimeResolution
 MixingTimeResolution ()
 ~MixingTimeResolution ()
void initIndex (void *dev_fcn_ptr=host_fcn_ptr)
int getDeviceFunction () const
int getCalcTauIdx () const
void setCalcTauIdx (int idx)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7 of file ThreeGaussResolution_Aux.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ThreeGaussResolution()

GooFit::ThreeGaussResolution::ThreeGaussResolution ( Variable  cf,
Variable  tf,
Variable  cb,
Variable  cs,
Variable  tb,
Variable  ts,
Variable  ob,
Variable  os 

◆ ~ThreeGaussResolution()

GooFit::ThreeGaussResolution::~ThreeGaussResolution ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createParameters()

void GooFit::ThreeGaussResolution::createParameters ( std::vector< unsigned int > &  pindices,
PdfBase dis 

◆ normalisation()

fptype GooFit::ThreeGaussResolution::normalisation ( fptype  di1,
fptype  di2,
fptype  di3,
fptype  di4,
fptype  tau,
fptype  xmixing,
fptype  ymixing 
) const

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