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GooFit::ZTspin2 Class Reference

#include <SpinHelper.h>

Inheritance diagram for GooFit::ZTspin2:
GooFit::SymmLorentzMatrix GooFit::LorentzMatrix

Public Member Functions

__device__ ZTspin2 (const gpuLVec &q, const gpuLVec &p, fptype mR)
__device__ ZTspin2operator= (const SymmLorentzMatrix &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::SymmLorentzMatrix
__device__ void makeGmunu ()
__device__ const SymmLorentzMatrixgmunu ()
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix ()
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix (const gpuLVec p[4])
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix (const gpuLVec p)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix (const SymmLorentzMatrix &other)=default
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixadd (const SymmLorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixsubtract (const SymmLorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixmult (fptype s)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixdiv (fptype s)
__device__ gpuLVec Contract (const gpuLVec &vec)
__device__ LorentzMatrix Contract_1 (const SymmLorentzMatrix &M)
__device__ fptype Contract_2 (const SymmLorentzMatrix &M)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixoperator+= (const SymmLorentzMatrix &rhs)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixoperator*= (fptype rhs)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixoperator-= (const SymmLorentzMatrix &rhs)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixoperator/= (fptype rhs)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrixoperator= (const SymmLorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix operator+ (const SymmLorentzMatrix &rhs) const
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix operator- (const SymmLorentzMatrix &rhs) const
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix operator* (fptype rhs) const
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix operator/ (fptype rhs) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::LorentzMatrix
__device__ const gpuLVec & v (int i) const
__device__ LorentzMatrix ()=default
__device__ LorentzMatrix (const gpuLVec p[4])
__device__ LorentzMatrix (const LorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ const gpuLVec & X () const
__device__ const gpuLVec & Y () const
__device__ const gpuLVec & Z () const
__device__ const gpuLVec & E () const
__device__ gpuLVec & X ()
__device__ gpuLVec & Y ()
__device__ gpuLVec & Z ()
__device__ gpuLVec & E ()
__device__ const gpuLVec & operator[] (int i) const
__device__ gpuLVec & operator[] (int i)
__device__ LorentzMatrixadd (const LorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ LorentzMatrixsubtract (const LorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ LorentzMatrixmult (fptype s)
__device__ LorentzMatrixdiv (fptype s)
__device__ LorentzMatrixoperator+= (const LorentzMatrix &rhs)
__device__ LorentzMatrixoperator*= (fptype rhs)
__device__ LorentzMatrixoperator-= (const LorentzMatrix &rhs)
__device__ LorentzMatrixoperator/= (fptype rhs)
__device__ LorentzMatrixoperator= (const LorentzMatrix &other)
__device__ LorentzMatrix operator+ (const LorentzMatrix &rhs) const
__device__ LorentzMatrix operator- (const LorentzMatrix &rhs) const
__device__ LorentzMatrix operator* (fptype rhs) const
__device__ LorentzMatrix operator/ (fptype rhs) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GooFit::SymmLorentzMatrix
__device__ bool symmetrize ()
__device__ bool makeZero ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GooFit::LorentzMatrix
__device__ bool makeZero ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from GooFit::LorentzMatrix
gpuLVec _v [4]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 383 of file SpinHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ZTspin2()

__device__ GooFit::ZTspin2::ZTspin2 ( const gpuLVec &  q,
const gpuLVec &  p,
fptype  mR 

Definition at line 386 of file SpinHelper.h.

386  {
387  ZTspin1 t(q, p, mR);
388  SymmLorentzMatrix tt(t);
389  SymmLorentzMatrix uu(p);
390  uu /= (mR * mR);
391  auto gmunu = SymmLorentzMatrix();
392  gmunu.makeGmunu();
393  // printf("%f %f %f %f\n",gmunu.X().GetX(), gmunu.Y().GetY(), gmunu.Z().GetZ(), gmunu.E().GetE() );
394  *this = tt - (1. / 3.) * t.Mag2() * (gmunu - uu);
395  // eq 6 in PhysRevD.51.2247
396  }
__device__ void makeGmunu()
Definition: SpinHelper.h:243
__device__ SymmLorentzMatrix()
Definition: SpinHelper.h:250
__device__ const SymmLorentzMatrix & gmunu()

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

__device__ ZTspin2& GooFit::ZTspin2::operator= ( const SymmLorentzMatrix other)

Definition at line 398 of file SpinHelper.h.

References GooFit::LorentzMatrix::v().

398  {
399  for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
400  _v[i] = other.v(i);
402  return *this;
403  }

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