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GooFit::DPPdf Class Reference

#include <DP4Pdf.h>

Inheritance diagram for GooFit::DPPdf:
GooFit::GooPdf GooFit::PdfBase

Public Member Functions

 DPPdf (std::string n, std::vector< Observable > observables, DecayInfo4 decay, GooPdf *eff, unsigned int MCeventsNorm=5e6)
__host__ fptype normalize () const override
 A normalize function. This fills in the host_normalize. More...
__host__ void setDataSize (unsigned int dataSize, unsigned int evtSize=6)
__host__ void setForceIntegrals (bool f=true)
__host__ int getMCevents ()
__host__ void setGenerationOffset (int off)
__host__ std::tuple< mcbooster::ParticlesSet_h, mcbooster::VariableSet_h, mcbooster::RealVector_h, mcbooster::RealVector_h > GenerateSig (unsigned int numEvents)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::GooPdf
double calculateNLL () const override
__host__ std::vector< fptypeevaluateAtPoints (Observable var)
__host__ fptype normalise () const
 Just in case you are British and the previous spelling is offensive. More...
virtual __host__ fptype integrate (fptype lo, fptype hi) const
__host__ bool hasAnalyticIntegral () const override
__host__ fptype getValue (EvalFunc evalfunc=EvalFunc::Eval)
__host__ std::vector< std::vector< fptype > > getCompProbsAtDataPoints ()
 Produce a list of probabilies at points. More...
__host__ UnbinnedDataSet makeGrid ()
 Set an equidistant grid based on the stored variable binning. More...
__host__ void initialize (std::vector< unsigned int > pindices, void *dev_functionPtr=host_fcn_ptr)
__host__ void scan (Observable var, std::vector< fptype > &values)
__host__ void setFitControl (std::shared_ptr< FitControl > fc) override
virtual __host__ void setMetrics ()
__host__ void setParameterConstantness (bool constant=true)
virtual __host__ void transformGrid (fptype *host_output)
__host__ void setDebugMask (int mask, bool setSpecific=true) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
template<typename... Args>
 PdfBase (std::string n, Args... args)
virtual ~PdfBase ()=default
__host__ void initializeIndices (std::vector< unsigned int > pindices)
__host__ void addSpecialMask (int m)
__host__ void copyParams (const std::vector< double > &pars) const
__host__ void copyParams ()
__host__ void copyNormFactors () const
__host__ void generateNormRange ()
__host__ std::string getName () const
virtual __host__ std::vector< ObservablegetObservables () const
virtual __host__ std::vector< VariablegetParameters () const
__host__ VariablegetParameterByName (std::string n)
__host__ int getSpecialMask () const
__host__ void setData (DataSet *data)
__host__ DataSetgetData ()
__host__ ROOT::Minuit2::FunctionMinimum fitTo (DataSet *data, int verbosity=3)
 RooFit style fitting shortcut. More...
__host__ unsigned int getFunctionIndex () const
__host__ unsigned int getParameterIndex () const
__host__ unsigned int registerParameter (Variable var)
__host__ unsigned int registerConstants (unsigned int amount)
virtual __host__ void recursiveSetNormalisation (fptype norm=1) const
__host__ void unregisterParameter (Variable var)
__host__ void registerObservable (Observable obs)
__host__ void setIntegrationFineness (int i)
__host__ void printProfileInfo (bool topLevel=true)
__host__ bool parametersChanged () const
__host__ void checkInitStatus (std::vector< std::string > &unInited) const
void clearCurrentFit ()
__host__ void SigGenSetIndices ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
enum  Specials { ForceSeparateNorm = 1, ForceCommonNorm = 2 }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::GooPdf
static __host__ int findFunctionIdx (void *dev_functionPtr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GooFit::GooPdf
virtual __host__ double sumOfNll (int numVars) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
void setNumPerTask (PdfBase *p, const int &c)
 This needs to be set before a call to setData. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from GooFit::GooPdf
std::shared_ptr< MetricTakerlogger
- Protected Attributes inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
DataSetdata_ = nullptr
fptype numEvents {0}
unsigned int numEntries {0}
unsigned int parameters {0}
unsigned int cIndex {1}
std::vector< Observableobservables
std::vector< VariableparameterList
std::shared_ptr< FitControlfitControl
std::vector< PdfBase * > components
int integrationBins {-1}
int specialMask {0}
bool properlyInitialised {true}
unsigned int functionIdx {0}
int m_iEventsPerTask {0}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file DP4Pdf.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DPPdf()

GooFit::DPPdf::DPPdf ( std::string  n,
std::vector< Observable observables,
DecayInfo4  decay,
GooPdf eff,
unsigned int  MCeventsNorm = 5e6 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GenerateSig()

__host__ std:: tuple<mcbooster::ParticlesSet_h, mcbooster::VariableSet_h, mcbooster::RealVector_h, mcbooster::RealVector_h> GooFit::DPPdf::GenerateSig ( unsigned int  numEvents)

Referenced by main(), and setGenerationOffset().

◆ getMCevents()

__host__ int GooFit::DPPdf::getMCevents ( )

Definition at line 43 of file DP4Pdf.h.

43 { return MCevents; }

◆ normalize()

__host__ fptype GooFit::DPPdf::normalize ( ) const

A normalize function. This fills in the host_normalize.

Reimplemented from GooFit::GooPdf.

◆ setDataSize()

__host__ void GooFit::DPPdf::setDataSize ( unsigned int  dataSize,
unsigned int  evtSize = 6 

◆ setForceIntegrals()

__host__ void GooFit::DPPdf::setForceIntegrals ( bool  f = true)

Definition at line 42 of file DP4Pdf.h.

42 { forceRedoIntegrals = f; }

◆ setGenerationOffset()

__host__ void GooFit::DPPdf::setGenerationOffset ( int  off)

Definition at line 44 of file DP4Pdf.h.

References GenerateSig(), and GooFit::PdfBase::numEvents.

Referenced by main().

44 { generation_offset = off; }

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