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GooFit::GooPdf Class Reference

#include <GooPdf.h>

Inheritance diagram for GooFit::GooPdf:
GooFit::PdfBase GooFit::AddPdf GooFit::ArgusPdf GooFit::BifurGaussPdf GooFit::BinTransformPdf GooFit::BWPdf GooFit::CompositePdf GooFit::ConvolutionPdf GooFit::CorrGaussianPdf GooFit::CrystalBallPdf GooFit::DalitzPlotPdf GooFit::DalitzVetoPdf GooFit::DPPdf GooFit::EventWeightedAddPdf GooFit::ExpGausPdf GooFit::ExpPdf GooFit::GaussianPdf GooFit::IncoherentSumPdf GooFit::InterHistPdf GooFit::JohnsonSUPdf GooFit::KinLimitBWPdf GooFit::LandauPdf GooFit::Lineshape GooFit::MappedPdf GooFit::NovosibirskPdf GooFit::PolynomialPdf GooFit::ProdPdf GooFit::ResonancePdf GooFit::ScaledGaussianPdf GooFit::SmoothHistogramPdf GooFit::SpinFactor GooFit::StepPdf GooFit::TDDP4 GooFit::TddpPdf GooFit::TrigThresholdPdf GooFit::VariableBinTransform1DPdf GooFit::VoigtianPdf

Public Member Functions

double calculateNLL () const override
__host__ std::vector< fptypeevaluateAtPoints (Observable var)
__host__ fptype normalize () const override
 A normalize function. This fills in the host_normalize. More...
__host__ fptype normalise () const
 Just in case you are British and the previous spelling is offensive. More...
virtual __host__ fptype integrate (fptype lo, fptype hi) const
__host__ bool hasAnalyticIntegral () const override
__host__ fptype getValue (EvalFunc evalfunc=EvalFunc::Eval)
__host__ std::vector< std::vector< fptype > > getCompProbsAtDataPoints ()
 Produce a list of probabilies at points. More...
__host__ UnbinnedDataSet makeGrid ()
 Set an equidistant grid based on the stored variable binning. More...
__host__ void initialize (std::vector< unsigned int > pindices, void *dev_functionPtr=host_fcn_ptr)
__host__ void scan (Observable var, std::vector< fptype > &values)
__host__ void setFitControl (std::shared_ptr< FitControl > fc) override
virtual __host__ void setMetrics ()
__host__ void setParameterConstantness (bool constant=true)
virtual __host__ void transformGrid (fptype *host_output)
__host__ void setDebugMask (int mask, bool setSpecific=true) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
template<typename... Args>
 PdfBase (std::string n, Args... args)
virtual ~PdfBase ()=default
__host__ void initializeIndices (std::vector< unsigned int > pindices)
__host__ void addSpecialMask (int m)
__host__ void copyParams (const std::vector< double > &pars) const
__host__ void copyParams ()
__host__ void copyNormFactors () const
__host__ void generateNormRange ()
__host__ std::string getName () const
virtual __host__ std::vector< ObservablegetObservables () const
virtual __host__ std::vector< VariablegetParameters () const
__host__ VariablegetParameterByName (std::string n)
__host__ int getSpecialMask () const
__host__ void setData (DataSet *data)
__host__ DataSetgetData ()
__host__ ROOT::Minuit2::FunctionMinimum fitTo (DataSet *data, int verbosity=3)
 RooFit style fitting shortcut. More...
__host__ unsigned int getFunctionIndex () const
__host__ unsigned int getParameterIndex () const
__host__ unsigned int registerParameter (Variable var)
__host__ unsigned int registerConstants (unsigned int amount)
virtual __host__ void recursiveSetNormalisation (fptype norm=1) const
__host__ void unregisterParameter (Variable var)
__host__ void registerObservable (Observable obs)
__host__ void setIntegrationFineness (int i)
__host__ void printProfileInfo (bool topLevel=true)
__host__ bool parametersChanged () const
__host__ void checkInitStatus (std::vector< std::string > &unInited) const
void clearCurrentFit ()
__host__ void SigGenSetIndices ()

Static Public Member Functions

static __host__ int findFunctionIdx (void *dev_functionPtr)

Protected Member Functions

virtual __host__ double sumOfNll (int numVars) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
void setNumPerTask (PdfBase *p, const int &c)
 This needs to be set before a call to setData. More...

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< MetricTakerlogger
- Protected Attributes inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
DataSetdata_ = nullptr
fptype numEvents {0}
unsigned int numEntries {0}
unsigned int parameters {0}
unsigned int cIndex {1}
std::vector< Observableobservables
std::vector< VariableparameterList
std::shared_ptr< FitControlfitControl
std::vector< PdfBase * > components
int integrationBins {-1}
int specialMask {0}
bool properlyInitialised {true}
unsigned int functionIdx {0}
int m_iEventsPerTask {0}

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GooFit::PdfBase
enum  Specials { ForceSeparateNorm = 1, ForceCommonNorm = 2 }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file GooPdf.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calculateNLL()

double GooFit::GooPdf::calculateNLL ( ) const

Implements GooFit::PdfBase.

◆ evaluateAtPoints()

__host__ std::vector<fptype> GooFit::GooPdf::evaluateAtPoints ( Observable  var)

NB: This does not project correctly in multidimensional datasets, because all observables other than 'var' will have, for every event, whatever value they happened to get set to last time they were set. This is likely to be the value from the last event in whatever dataset you were fitting to, but at any rate you don't get the probability-weighted integral over the other observables.

Referenced by fitRatio(), and plotFit().

◆ findFunctionIdx()

static __host__ int GooFit::GooPdf::findFunctionIdx ( void *  dev_functionPtr)

◆ getCompProbsAtDataPoints()

__host__ std::vector<std::vector<fptype> > GooFit::GooPdf::getCompProbsAtDataPoints ( )

Produce a list of probabilies at points.

Referenced by GooFit::fillDataSetMC1D(), fitAndPlot(), makeDalitzPlots(), makeToyDalitzPlots(), runEfficiencyFit(), and runSigmaFit().

◆ getValue()

__host__ fptype GooFit::GooPdf::getValue ( EvalFunc  evalfunc = EvalFunc::Eval)

◆ hasAnalyticIntegral()

__host__ bool GooFit::GooPdf::hasAnalyticIntegral ( ) const

Reimplemented from GooFit::PdfBase.

Definition at line 74 of file GooPdf.h.

References GooFit::Eval.

74 { return false; }

◆ initialize()

__host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::initialize ( std::vector< unsigned int >  pindices,
void *  dev_functionPtr = host_fcn_ptr 

◆ integrate()

virtual __host__ fptype GooFit::GooPdf::integrate ( fptype  lo,
fptype  hi 
) const

◆ makeGrid()

__host__ UnbinnedDataSet GooFit::GooPdf::makeGrid ( )

Set an equidistant grid based on the stored variable binning.

Referenced by fitAndPlot().

◆ normalise()

__host__ fptype GooFit::GooPdf::normalise ( ) const

Just in case you are British and the previous spelling is offensive.

Definition at line 71 of file GooPdf.h.

References normalize().

71 { return normalize(); }
__host__ fptype normalize() const override
A normalize function. This fills in the host_normalize.

◆ normalize()

__host__ fptype GooFit::GooPdf::normalize ( ) const

A normalize function. This fills in the host_normalize.

Implements GooFit::PdfBase.

Reimplemented in GooFit::TddpPdf, GooFit::DPPdf, GooFit::TDDP4, GooFit::DalitzPlotPdf, and GooFit::IncoherentSumPdf.

◆ scan()

__host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::scan ( Observable  var,
std::vector< fptype > &  values 

◆ setDebugMask()

__host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::setDebugMask ( int  mask,
bool  setSpecific = true 
) const

◆ setFitControl()

__host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::setFitControl ( std::shared_ptr< FitControl fc)

Implements GooFit::PdfBase.

Referenced by fitRatio().

◆ setMetrics()

virtual __host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::setMetrics ( )

◆ setParameterConstantness()

__host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::setParameterConstantness ( bool  constant = true)

◆ sumOfNll()

virtual __host__ double GooFit::GooPdf::sumOfNll ( int  numVars) const

Reimplemented in GooFit::AddPdf.

◆ transformGrid()

virtual __host__ void GooFit::GooPdf::transformGrid ( fptype host_output)

Member Data Documentation

◆ logger

std::shared_ptr<MetricTaker> GooFit::GooPdf::logger

Definition at line 100 of file GooPdf.h.

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